Best Ways To Get Six Pack Abs

The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

We have different kinds of goals, some of us might have bodybuilding as a goal few of them might have to reduce the fat percentage or to just look good but having said that everyone wants to have a six-pack abs too.

Getting a six-pack requires proper planning, dedication, and hard work. To get the six-pack abs one doesn't have to go to the gym for all the weekdays and neither one has to be pro in gymming.
We can achieve the goal of getting the six-pack by simply doing slight changes in our day-to-day lifestyle and to our diet. Sticking to this will bring good results in the meantime.

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The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

1. Cardio Exercises

Cardio is one of the aerobic exercise which increases the heart rate.
Doing Cardio on a regular basis will help in burning the extra fat and this will help in getting the abs 6 pack goal.

Studies have proven that by the use of cardio effectively into our routine, we can reduce our belly fat at a good speed, fast burning of the fat results invisibility of the abdominal muscles.

We can get a better result if we perform cardio exercises three to four times per week. Studies have shown that doing cardio belly fat in men was significantly reduced.

We can say that Cardio is the core exercise to reduce fat percentage from the body. More cardio you do you will end up losing more fat and this is helpful in getting the six-pack abs.

We should give at least 30 to 40 minutes to perform cardio activities. Depending upon the intensity the fat will be burned.

We can engage our self in biking, walking, swimming, running or in our favorite sports, this will be added advantage to burn extra fat and in the six-pack abs goal.


The moral of the story is More cardio More fat loss. The extra belly fat can only be reduced by including cardio in our routine. Thus way to achieve six-pack abs is cardio.

The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

2. Abdominal Muscles Exercises

We all know that rectus abdominis is the longest  muscle that extends vertically along the length of your abdomen and this muscles has to target in order to achieve the six-pack abs.

These muscles are responsible for our bodies activities like breathing, bowel movement, and coughing etc, it also created the overall appearance of the six-pack.

Along with rectus abdominis, our abdominal includes the internal obliques, external obliques and transverse abdominis.

Hitting these muscles will help us in getting the six-pack abs goal. One should also keep in mind that training the abdominal muscles alone cannot help us in getting the six-pack nor to reduce the belly fat.

If one has to get the six-pack abs quickly then he/she needs to have a proper diet plan along with cardio, this will help in burning the fat fast and to achieve the results fast too.
The most popular six-pack abs exercises are abdominal crunches, planks and leg raises. This exercise helps in strengthening our abdominal muscles and creates visibility of the six-pack abs.

Six-Pack Core Exercises:
  • Hanging leg raises:
To achieve solid six-pack abs, then hanging leg raises will definitely prove to be the best.
Quadrant Worked: Lower

  • Planks :
There is nothing like doing planks.
Perform for two-minute and go on increasing on a daily basis.
Quadrant Worked: Upper and lower quadrant.

Side planks with knee pulls:
This exercise is perfect while doing regular side planks and yields great results.
Quadrant Worked: Oblique's

  • Cable crunch:
This exercise does a good job of engaging your abdominal muscles fully, specifically the upper quadrant.
Quadrant Worked: Upper quadrant.

  • Lying down leg lifts:
Lying down leg lifts target your lower abdominals.
To make these harder, have someone forcefully push your legs back to the bottom position.
Quadrant Worked: Lower quadrant

  • Leg scissors:
If one wants an abs exercise that burns the fat fast, put the leg scissors in your workout. These hit the lower abs area hard.
Quadrant Worked: Lower quadrant

  • Russian twists:
Russian twists are a very effective abs-building exercise. They target your obliques.
Quadrant Worked: Oblique's and rotational.

  • Seated trunk rotations:
While most of the abs machines are of no use, the seated trunk rotation machine is the other way. It works the oblique's overtime. You can do this without weight.
Quadrant Worked: Oblique's and rotational.

  • Bicycle crunches:
Riding a bike works the abs. But doing bicycle crunches really works the abs! One of my personal favorites.
Quadrant Worked: Oblique's and rotational.

  • Decline leg raises:
The Great Bruce Lee used to do this great abs exercise. The decline leg raises do a good job of thoroughly working upper and lower abs muscles.
Quadrant Worked: Upper and lower quadrant.

  • Incline sit-ups:
When you find that the regular sit-ups are getting easy, this exercise is the next step. Incline sit-ups will do a good job of fully stimulating the upper abdominal muscles.
Quadrant Worked: Upper quadrant.

  • Barbell side bends:
Most gym-goers don’t do (or haven’t heard of) this exercise. If you want to build great oblique's, then get acquainted with the barbell side bend.
Quadrant Worked: Oblique's

  • Fit Ball sit-ups:
Another great way to train your upper abs is by doing Fit Ball sit-ups.
Quadrant Worked: Upper abs

  • Fit Ball trunk rotations:
A great way to engage your obliques is by doing Fit Ball trunk rotations.
Quadrant Worked: Oblique's and rotational.


Training the abdominal muscles along with a healthy diet would yield great results in getting the six-pack abs.

The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

3. Include Protein Intake in diet

Including the protein in our food will help us in reducing the body weight. Protein will burn the belly fat and will help in building muscle mass. 

Protein will help us in getting close to six-pack abs.
Having high protein meals makes us feel like we have eaten a lot and this helps us to avoid overeating.

Thus the percentage of calorie intake is reduced too and ultimately ends up decreasing the bodyweight along with the fat percentage.

Protein is consumed after the workout which helps us in repairing the trained muscles and strengthen the muscles. Protein helps in muscle recovery, it includes essential, semi-essential and non-essential amino acids which promotes fast muscle recovery.

The high protein diet helps in preserving the metabolism and muscle mass during weight loss.

Sources of High Protein are meat, chicken, eggs, dairy products, nuts, legumes, seafood, and seeds.  We can include this food in order to get the six-pack abs at faster rate.


Including Protein our diet helps in reducing calorie intake and also decreases body weight and fat percentage. Protein helps in repairing and rebuilding muscle fibers and also preserve muscle mass during the weight loss process.

4. Include High-Intensity Interval Training

The High-Intensity Interval training where the intense exercises are performed against a short recovery period. This kind of intense training keeps our heart rate up and increases the fat burning process.

This type of training in our routine will boost weight loss process and makes the path of getting the six-pack abs easier.

Performing High-Intensity training for 20 minutes for 3 times/week helps in reducing an average of 4.4 pounds i.e.2kg  and also belly fat over 10-11 week period.

Easy way to perform high-intensity training at home is normal walking and speeding up and down for lesser distance for about 25 to 35 seconds at a go.

Also one can try jumping, fast running, skipping with short breaks in between.


Another way to burn the belly fat is The High Intensity Interval training will help us in getting the six-pack abs quickly.

The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

5. Keep yourself Hydrated

Water is very important for the human body. Water helps in removing waster from the body and also to maintain body temperature. 

Water plays an important role in day to day functioning of the human body.

Keeping our self hydrated helps our metabolism. It also burns extra belly fat and makes it easier to six-pack abs.

Studies have shown that drinking water can reduce your appetite and increase weight loss too.

According to studies people who drank water before meal have lost more weight for a period of 11-12 weeks than those who failed to do so.

Every human body has different water intake requirements. This includes age, bodyweight of the person and the activity (high/low) level.

However, most research recommends drinking around 1–2 liters (34–68 ounces) of water per day to stay well-hydrated.

The recommended water intake to stay all day hydrated is 2-3 liters for all age group people.
It would be more for people in intense training or field jobs.


Drinking water will increase our metabolism and will reduce our appetite, this will result in reducing belly fat and ultimately will ease the task of getting the six-pack abs.

The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

6. Avoid Processed Food or Fast Food/Street Food

Fast Foods like potato chips, burgers, rolls and deep-fried items have high calories. This includes bad fat, simple and unhealthy carbs, etc.

This junky food is unhealthy and has low nutrient which includes fiber, vitamins, protein, carbs, and minerals.

Excluding this unhealthy food and replacing it with whole food will help us in reducing the weight and belly fat too. This will help us in keeping control of excess calorie intake.

Including while food requires more energy to digest. Whole food is rich in protein, carbohydrates, fibers, and minerals. Keeping engaged in digesting this whole food will keep control of having extra calories.

Whole foods makes us feel fuller and to avoid extra calorie intake. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes are all healthy alternatives.


Fast / Processed foods are high in calories, this has a high percentage of carbs, fat, and sodium. These foods get easily digest and have poor nutrients like protein and fiber that cannot help us in weight loss.
We should replace the processed or fast food with whole food in order to get the six-pack abs faster.

The Eight Best Ways to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

7. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

Avoid consuming refined carbohydrates. Consuming this will delay the process of getting six-pack abs.

Refined carbohydrates lose most of its vitamins, minerals and fiber value during processing because of which the processed product has low nutritional value in it.

Including more carbohydrates can cause a rise in sugar level and is responsible for rise in blood pressure and sugar level.

We can replace this by including the whole grains in our diet, these whole grains helps us in reducing the waist circumference and also helps in reducing the body weight.

As per studies people consuming high amount of refined grains tend to have more fat around the waist when compared to people consuming whole grains.

Remove refined carbohydrates from foods that include pasta, pastries, and other processed foods and replace them with whole grains like barley, brown rice. This will help in burning the belly fat fast.


Refined carbohydrates lose most of its vitamins, minerals and fiber value during processing because of which the processed product has low nutritional value in it. High intake of refined grains has resulted in to increase in belly fat hence we should consume whole grains to burn the belly fat easily.

8. Include High Fiber

Including high fiber food in our diet will help us in getting the six-pack abs and lose excess weight.
The soluble fiber moves through the gastrointestinal tract and helps in slowing the emptying process of the stomach because of which we feel fuller for a longer time and we end up consuming fewer calories.

Increasing the fiber intake can decrease the calorie intake also consuming enough fiber in our diet prevents weight gain and fat accumulation. Hence fiber is one of the important aspects in getting the six-pack abs.

According to studies if 10g of soluble fiber taken daily can help us in losing 3.7% of the belly fat for over 5 years without modifying the diet and exercise.
Sources of Fiber are fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Consuming high-fiber foods will help us in burning belly fat.


Consuming more fiber can help keep us feeling full and also helps us in controlling the weight gain and fat accumulation.

Food  to boost the fat burning process :

  • Broccoli
Dark green veggies like broccoli are essential to improve your gut. In the starting Broccoli may make you feel a little bloated at first, this low-calorie veggie and packed with fiber and nutrients.
Studies show that it will help you lose weight. Broccoli will help in losing weight in general and you will achieve the six-pack goal fast. One can also go for some spinach or other dark green veggies.

  • Green tea
Green tea is very good for building abdominal. Research suggests green tea is very useful in weight loss, which helps six-pack building. The green tea contains epigallocatechin gallate, a natural chemical compound that causes the body to use fat as fuel. It's a zero-calorie drink and you can drink as much green tea as this will not put any additional calories in your body.

  • Yogurt
One of my favorite! Protein-packed yogurt helps the invisibility of six-pack abs.
Research has shown that adding this calcium and protein source into your daily meals will help you burn the fat, especially around your stomach.

  • Chia seeds
These seeds will help in reducing tummy fat. Adding them into your diet will help you, this food is rich in fiber and calcium and these two things we know are great for cutting the belly fat. 


One can achieve the goal of six-pack abs by following proper healthy diet and exercises.
Training the abdominal muscles is not the only way to get six-pack abs but to include protein, whole grains, fiber, and whole-food will speed up the process of burning belly fat.
This will result in the visibility of six-pack abs muscles.
One has to also include cardio for fast burning of belly fat.
Slight changes and Switches in the daily routine will help us in getting the six-pack abs.
Stay fit !! Stay Healthy !!

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