Six Pack Abs Advanced Exercises

In the previous post, we have seen the basic exercises for developing the six-pack abs.
In this post, we will go through the advance level exercises which will help you get the six-pack abs within a short period of time.

By following the correct diet and exercise - the six-pack can be made visible.

Six pack advance exercises

The list of exercises for developing a six-pack is given below.

  • Rotational:

Perform  Russian twists, seated trunk rotations, bicycle crunches, and FitBall trunk rotations.

  • Upper Quadrant:

To develop the upper quadrant we will do planks, cable crunches,
incline sit-ups, FitBall sit-ups, and sit-up exercises.

  • Obliques:

For obliques perform side planks, thoracic rotation, Russian twists, seated trunk rotation, bicycle crunches, barbell and dumbbell side bends, and FitBall trunk rotation.

  • Lower Quadrant:

To develop the lower quadrant we will do the hanging leg and knee raises, planks, lying leg lifts, leg scissors, decline leg raises, FitBall knee tucks, and sit-up exercises.

Advance Abs Exercises

  • Hanging leg raises:

To achieve solid six-pack abs, then hanging leg raises will definitely prove to be the best.

Quadrant Worked: Lower

  • Planks :

There is nothing like doing planks.
Perform for two-minute and go on increasing on a daily basis.

Quadrant Worked: Upper and lower quadrant.

Six pack plank

  • Side planks with knee pulls:

This exercise is perfect, especially if you’ve been nodding off lately while doing regular side planks.
Quadrant Worked: Obliques

  • Cable crunch:

This exercise does a good job of fully
engaging your abdominal muscles, specifically
the upper quadrant.

Quadrant Worked: Upper quadrant.

  • Lying down leg lifts:

Lying down leg lifts target your lower abdominals.
To make these harder, have someone forcefully push your legs back to the bottom position.

Quadrant Worked: Lower quadrant

  • Leg scissors:

If one wants an abs exercise that burns the fat fast, put the leg scissors in your workout. These hit the lower abs area hard.

Quadrant Worked: Lower quadrant

Six pack exercises

  • Russian twists:

Russian twists are a very effective abs-building exercise. They target your obliques.

Quadrant Worked: Obliques and rotational

  • Seated trunk rotations:

While most of the abs machines are of no use, the seated trunk rotation machine is the other way. It works the obliques overtime. You can do this without weight.

Quadrant Worked: Obliques and rotational.

  • Bicycle crunches:

Riding a bike works the abs. But doing bicycle crunches really works the abs! One of my personal favorites.

Quadrant Worked: Obliques and rotational.

  • Decline leg raises:

The Great Bruce Lee used to do this great
abs exercise. The decline leg raises do a good job of thoroughly working upper and lower abs muscles.

Quadrant Worked: Upper and lower quadrant.

  • Incline sit-ups:

When you find that the regular sit-ups are getting easy, this exercise is the next step. Incline sit-ups will do a good job of fully stimulating the upper abdominal muscles.

Quadrant Worked: Upper quadrant.

Six pack exercises

  • Barbell side bends:

Most gym-goers don’t do (or haven’t heard of) this exercise. If you want to build great obliques, then get acquainted with the barbell side bend.

Quadrant Worked: Obliques

  • FitBall sit-ups:

Another great way to train your upper abs is by doing FitBall sit-ups.

Quadrant Worked: Upper abs

  • FitBall trunk rotations:

A great way to engage your obliques is by doing FitBall trunk rotations.

Quadrant Worked: Obliques and rotational

  • FitBall knee tucks:

If you want to fully engage your lower abdominals, try the FitBall knee tuck.

Quadrant Worked: Lower quadrant

  • Sit-up V:

This exercise is great for stimulating the upper and lower abdominal simultaneously.

Quadrant Worked: Upper and lower quadrant.

Conclusion :

The above advance six-pack body exercises will help you in getting the six-pack abs quickly. 

If you do it religiously the results would be GREAT. 

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